Practice Areas

Our wills, trust and estate practitioners at NSDCo give knowledgeable and attentive advice on all aspects of will, trusts, wills, estate administration. We assist clients with personal estate planning, the complexities of preparing wills and trusts, and the administration of estates of deceased or incompetent individuals.

The estate group at NSDCo takes pride in its distinctive perspective and inventive solutions, which range from drafting a simple will to setting up and administering complicated trusts and financial strategies. Our lawyers assist clients at every level of the process, from planning to implementation and smooth succession to future generations.

The team provides a comprehensive range of services in including:

  • Adult Guardianship & Trusteeship
  • Disability & Incapacity
  • Elderly & Vulnerable Individuals Protection
  • Estate Planning, Administration & Probate
  • Estate Litigation
  • Family & Estate Tax
  • Planning for Incapacity
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Personal Directives
  • Trusts & Family Trusts
  • Wills & Codicils

NSDCo has extensive regulatory, public law and administrative law experience, frequently appearing before various boards, commissions, and regulatory tribunals, representing individuals, institutions, and national and multinational corporations in a wide range of disputes. We have represented clients in some of Jamaica’s most major and complicated commission and board hearings, as well as judicial review applications and appeals from commission and board proceedings.

Many of the lawyers at NSDCo offer expertise from their previous work in regulatory bodies and on various regulatory tribunals. Our lawyers’ knowledge and expertise enable them to provide useful insight that can benefit our clients.

In addition, our organization provides a broad range of alternative conflict resolution options.

NSDCo is well-known for its alternative dispute resolution practice, having represented claimants and respondents in some of the largest arbitral disputes in Jamaica, as well as other international commercial arbitrations involving high financial stakes and complex facts and law.

We are deeply familiar with the processes involved and the strategic considerations required to ensure that our clients are placed in the best position possible to achieve a desirable outcome in an efficient manner as a result of our experience and qualifications in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

We comprehend the processes involved, the interests at risk, and the demands of our clients, and we strive for the best possible outcome. Shareholder Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements and Construction Contracts are some of our areas of expertise and areas in which we routinely advise or represent clients.

To resolve our clients’ legal problems, our professional litigation team delivers expertise and skilled counsel. We personalize our strategy and approach to each client’s unique demands and goals. Some of the specific services we provide are:

  • Debtor & Creditor Disputes
  • Contract Disputes
  • Shareholder & Business Disputes
  • Construction Litigation & Builder’s Liens
  • Employment & Labour Litigation
  • Estate Litigation
  • Real Estate Disputes

NSDCO has represented many of its commercial clients from its inception and has grown with them. By delivering innovative, modern legal services, our business and commercial lawyers have built long-term client relationships. We carefully plan for future scenarios when conducting incorporations or company transactions, but we are also well-equipped to represent clients in the event of a disagreement.

The commercial law group at NSDCo delivers cutting-edge solutions in a variety of matters, including:

  • Banking, Lending & Security
  • Business Contracts & Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Equipment Purchasing & Leasing
  • Professional Service Agreements
  • Business Purchases & Sales
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Corporate Reorganization & Restructuring
  • Incorporations, Partnerships & Joint Ventures

We collaborate with a wide range of employers and individuals to develop cost-effective, time-efficient hiring and transfer processes that bring foreign personnel to Jamaica. This involves weighing the pros and cons of new applications, renewals, and continuous employer compliance.

Construction disputes frequently entail large sums of money. Regardless of the amount in dispute, whether a resolution is satisfying will depend not only on the final decision, but also on the time and expense invested during the dispute process.

NSDCo provides comprehensive real estate and property management services for residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use developments. Our real estate practice, when combined with our commercial and structured project financing areas, provides clients with a one-stop shop for all of their real estate and development needs.

Our real estate and property lawyers take pleasure in offering personalized service to each client. We take the time to provide clients with clear, credible advice and answers, and we make sure they are comfortable with all aspects of their real estate transactions.

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience enables us to manage all real estate and financial transactions involving residential, commercial, or industrial assets. The reputable real estate and property group offers a wide range of legal services in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, including:

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Residential Real Estate
  • Mortgage Transactions
  • Real Estate Disputes

The system of rules, policies, and processes by which stakeholders direct and control a corporation or other economic operation is known as corporate governance. Corporate governance and organization are crucial to commercial success. Limiting responsibility from unreasonable risks is a critical component. We offer legal and strategic counsel on all aspects of corporation structure and governance, including regulatory compliance.

We form close ties with our clients in order to understand their business, industry, and goals. We work hard to ensure that our customers’ corporate and other legal structures meet all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Matters we can help you with include:

  • the structure of your business including incorporation, partnerships, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, business names, amendment, amalgamation, continuance, and restoration
  • working with your accountant on the set-up or re-structuring of your business
  • set-up and adoption of the system of rules, practices, and processes which govern your business
  • advising on the independence of and the duties, rights, and obligations of directors, officers, shareholders, and other management;
  • board and committee structures, mandates, operations, processes and procedures
  • regulatory compliance and legislative changes
  • areas of potential liability, including director and officer liability, indemnity, fiduciary duties and insurance
  • implementing and completing all filings and reporting requirements to ensure compliance with legislation and regulations, including annual returns, and shareholder, director, and officer filings
  • creating, maintaining and updating minute books and corporate records in compliance with all regulatory and legislative requirements
  • requirements and procedures for annual general meetings, proxies and information notices
  • shareholder relationships and disputes, including shareholder agreements
  • registrations with other professional organizations or governing bodies

To thrive in today’s tech-driven world, you must keep ahead of the competition. Our technology law practice is the largest and most comprehensive in Canada. We have spent decades at the crossroads of law, business, and technology, working in software, hardware, e-commerce, Fintech, IT services, data management, and security. We provide you with a one-stop shop of cross-functional industry specialists who have distinct perspectives on the trends and legislation affecting how and where you operate.

We collaborate with clients ranging from active and respected start-up and emerging tech practices to well-established corporations. On the public side, we represent government agencies and public institutions, providing you with a thorough understanding of all levels of stakeholders in this ever-changing sector.

Our services include:

  • Communications (both regulatory and transactional)
  • Commercial technology (outsourcing, system development/implementations, staff augmentation, licensing, SaaS, IaaS, e-commerce, cloud and related agreements);
  • Media and entertainment work, including radio and television, along with music, sports, publishing, art and theater-related matters as well as regulatory and contentious (including defamation) matters;
  • Cybersecurity, data breaches and risk management; and
  • Privacy, consumer protection and anti-spam.

NSDCo has extensive experience in all facets of work interactions. We exceed expectations in a wide range of employment and labour concerns by providing personally designed legal solutions to employees and employers. Our skilled attorneys have represented clients at all levels of the Jamaican judiciary system and different tribunals.

Our labour and employment attorneys educate employees on their rights in a number of scenarios, such as constructive dismissal, wrongful termination, and workplace harassment. We also analyze termination packages and provide advice on issues such as severance compensation, the treatment of employee stock options, pensions, and other benefits, future competition restrictions, and appropriate mitigating strategies.

NSDCo has also represented companies of all sizes. We assist organizations in mitigating risk by developing comprehensive workplace rules, such as human rights, harassment, and privacy policies. Our employment and labour practice often advises employers on how to execute structural changes in their organizations, investigate conduct complaints, terminate employees, calculate proper severance, and protect secret and intellectual information.

We handle all aspects of divorce, including custody, access, child support, spousal support, and property division. We draft and advise customers on the contents of prenuptial, cohabitation, and separation agreements. We also handle adoptions, child welfare, and Family Justice Services-related concerns. Our firm is very skilled in assisting clients in common law relationships with legal concerns unique to their situation. We have the knowledge, experience, and willingness to respond to your inquiries and point you in the correct way. Our firm handles a wide range of family law concerns, including:

  • Adoptions
  • Adult guardianship and trusteeship
  • Agreements (prenuptial, cohabitation, separation)
  • Child welfare
  • Child representation
  • Common law relationships
  • Custody and access
  • Child support
  • Dependent adult applications
  • Division of property
  • Spousal support

We have represented debtors, creditors, Court-appointed officials, asset purchasers, directors, guarantors, shareholders, and other investors and workers involved in bankruptcy procedures. 

We have helped:

  • Creditors recover their secured and unsecured claims through debt collection procedures, receiverships, bankruptcies, and repayment agreements.
  • Court-appointed authorities must carry out their responsibilities in a way that is fair and equitable to all parties.
  • Potential buyers are assisted in navigating Court-supervised sales processes and ensuring that their acquisitions are protected by Court Order, and creditors and receivers investigate and correct fraud. 

NSDCo has recognized practitioners who engage in sectors critical to the insolvency industry, such as business transactions, real estate, intellectual property, labour and employment, regulatory issues, taxation, and financial services.

Your products, services, and innovations are vital to your business and set you apart from the competition. It is critical that you safeguard them. Our professional IP team can assist you in effectively managing, defending, and growing the value of your IP portfolio – and protecting your most valuable assets. Many of our IP professionals have extensive degrees in technology and science and can expertly assist you on enforcing and preserving your domestic and international patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, and trade secrets.

It is critical to have skilled counsel on your side when negotiating confidentiality agreements, license agreements, and intellectual property purchase-and-sale agreements. We also advise on IP disputes, litigation, infringement, and enforcement.

We have expertise to manage the full range of IP issues arising in:

  • agreements, including license agreements, distribution agreements and other IP-related agreements;
  • computer software;
  • food, device, drug and product regulation;
  • innovation and invention;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • open-source software;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • privacy and publicity rights;
  • research and development;
  • technology transfer.

Our Specialists

We guide clients of all sizes through the challenging process of developing or redeveloping land. We collaborate with our residential and commercial real estate teams to assist clients who are buying or leasing property, and we provide detailed advice on zoning due diligence and development potential. We have a thorough awareness of the numerous environmental and regulatory constraints that frequently encumber land.

We supervise and give professional advice throughout the entire process, including plan creation, application filing, application prosecution, and resolution compliance.

We represent real estate developers, investors, commercial and residential property owners, religious institutions, and other non-profit organizations in a wide range of matters, from simple to complex. We represent large developers as well as individuals in our community in all aspects of land use approvals at all levels of government and related regulatory problems.

We handle a wide range of matters, including but not limited to:

  • Subdivisions, partitions and variations
  • Developer agreements
  • Rezoning
  • Redevelopment
  • Site plans
  • Land use litigation

It is difficult to administer and invest in pension and benefit schemes. To secure effective outcomes, our Pensions and Employee Benefits Group collaborates with enterprises and in-house attorneys. Our experts have vast knowledge in a variety of fields, including pensions, employment, litigation, and tax.

Members of our staff are involved in professional organizations, industry groups, and law reform advocacy in the pension, benefits, and investing industries. We advise clients across:

  • commercial and professional services
  • energy
  • financial services
  • insurance
  • technology
  • transportation industries

Our specialty practice group focuses on representing individuals who have suffered critical injuries as well as family members who have lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The lawyers at NSDCo are well-known for their insurance defence work. The firm provides clients with legal services that are proactive and consistent. When necessary, firm personnel devise and implement strategies to reduce nuisance litigation while focusing on long-term efforts to protect client interests. Our insurance litigation team provide access to special knowledge in a very wide variety of insurance litigation matters including, but not limited to:

  • General commercial liability
  • Product liability
  • Occupiers’ liability
  • Transportation and inland marine
  • Bodily injury, including catastrophic losses
  • Construction liability
  • Property and fire losses
  • Municipal liability
  • Complex coverage issues and first party claims
  • Professional liability
  • Directors’ and officers’ liability
  • Environmental claims
  • Premises liability
  • Life, health and disability claims
  • Subrogation

NSDCO’s maritime and shipping practice has a long history of providing comprehensive litigation, insurance, regulatory, and transactional legal services to national and international clients. Our litigation work includes ship arrest, charterparty and commercial contract disputes, vessel collision and transportation casualties, carriage of goods and passengers, vessel and cargo loss/damage, marine insurance, personal injury matters, bodily injury claims, towage and salvage, ship design and repair, marine pollution, marine property disputes (debtor/creditor including bankruptcy), maritime regulatory matters.

Our commercial work includes drafting and advising on commercial contracts such as charterparties and towage agreements, marine mortgages, insurance policies, financings, and other transportation industry documents such as bills of lading, ship sale agreements, shipbuilding and repair contracts, and contracts of affreightment.  We also assist customers on additional maritime matters such as vessel ownership, registration, and imports, as well as legislative issues such as regulatory compliance.

NSDCO’s Project Finance lawyers are actively helping clients across the country and around the world on capital-intensive project financing. Our staff has extensive experience and significant bench strength in project finance law, and we work effortlessly with project teams.

NSDCO represents both clients in need of project finance products and clients who provide them. Large and small developers, financial sponsors and strategic asset owners, governments, banks, insurance companies and other commercial lenders, pension funds, and long-term investors are among them.

The firm is known for its extensive knowledge of project financing processes and capital availability, as well as its ability to predict difficulties and design risk-mitigation strategies. Blakes excels at raising stock, arranging debt financing in various forms (construction, mini-perm, and long-term), and issuing bonds and other financing instruments.

NSDCO has served as counsel in many of the largest and most complex project finance transactions in the country, including numerous recent high-profile finance projects.

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