Corporate Governance

The system of rules, policies, and processes by which stakeholders direct and control a corporation or other economic operation is known as corporate governance. Corporate governance and organization are crucial to commercial success. Limiting responsibility from unreasonable risks is a critical component. We offer legal and strategic counsel on all aspects of corporation structure and governance, including regulatory compliance.

We form close ties with our clients in order to understand their business, industry, and goals. We work hard to ensure that our customers’ corporate and other legal structures meet all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Matters we can help you with include:

  • the structure of your business including incorporation, partnerships, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, business names, amendment, amalgamation, continuance, and restoration
  • working with your accountant on the set-up or re-structuring of your business
  • set-up and adoption of the system of rules, practices, and processes which govern your business
  • advising on the independence of and the duties, rights, and obligations of directors, officers, shareholders, and other management;
  • board and committee structures, mandates, operations, processes and procedures
  • regulatory compliance and legislative changes
  • areas of potential liability, including director and officer liability, indemnity, fiduciary duties and insurance
  • implementing and completing all filings and reporting requirements to ensure compliance with legislation and regulations, including annual returns, and shareholder, director, and officer filings
  • creating, maintaining and updating minute books and corporate records in compliance with all regulatory and legislative requirements
  • requirements and procedures for annual general meetings, proxies and information notices
  • shareholder relationships and disputes, including shareholder agreements
  • registrations with other professional organizations or governing bodies
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