Employment & Labour Relations

NSDCo has extensive experience in all facets of work interactions. We exceed expectations in a wide range of employment and labour concerns by providing personally designed legal solutions to employees and employers. Our skilled attorneys have represented clients at all levels of the Jamaican judiciary system and different tribunals.

Our labour and employment attorneys educate employees on their rights in a number of scenarios, such as constructive dismissal, wrongful termination, and workplace harassment. We also analyze termination packages and provide advice on issues such as severance compensation, the treatment of employee stock options, pensions, and other benefits, future competition restrictions, and appropriate mitigating strategies.

NSDCo has also represented companies of all sizes. We assist organizations in mitigating risk by developing comprehensive workplace rules, such as human rights, harassment, and privacy policies. Our employment and labour practice often advises employers on how to execute structural changes in their organizations, investigate conduct complaints, terminate employees, calculate proper severance, and protect secret and intellectual information.

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